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In English – A 20-year-old guy, Mario Dandy, has been detained for torturing a 15 years old boy, David Lutamahina. He was angry because he accused David had done inappropriate sexual actions towards his girlfriend, Agnes Gracia. Mario then trapped David and then started torturing David by asking him to lie down on the street and started kicking and hitting David until he passed out. The interesting is that Mario Dandy then performed Siuuu which is famously recognized as Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration after scoring a goal. There is no clear explanation why he did Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration except people suspect Mario is a Manchurian.

Not so long that the police detained Mario Dandy and told the press that Mario Dandy would be charged by public law and possibly spend 5 years of his life in detention.

This case has shocked the whole nation of Indonesia since David is the son of the main figure in GP Ansor, Jonathan Lutamahina. Meanwhile, Mario Dandy’s father is a civil servant in the ministry of treasure.

What is interesting is the netizen of Indonesia started to look after Mario Dandy’s social media. They found that Mario Dandy owns a luxurious car, the Rubicon which has a value of around US$65,000. The car is using a fake plate number and the owner has not paid the tax yet. It is weird since civil servants in Indonesia will not make as much as those values.

This case triggers the public’s anger and they demand the anti-corruption body of Indonesia (KPK) start an investigation into this case.  Secretary of Treasure, Sri Mulyani has revoked Mario Dandy’s father from his role so KPK can do their job properly.

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