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In Indonesia, we have something called as ‘Mental Kere’ or Poor mentality. This is one kind of taking advantage mentality. Yeah, some people would love to take advantage without even thinking about what happened to other people. This case happened when Depo Plumpang (Oil Depot Plumpang) exploded recently. A cameraman recorded one scene that may make you angry, a woman asked for food supplies that were intentionally given to Plumpang victims. She was fine and her house was too. However, this woman still asked for food supplies for the Victims of the Plumpang explosion. What a shameless scene that can be caught by this cameraman.

One of the women whose identity is not confirmed yet was angry and crying because she did not get nasi bungkus (rice box) unlike other people. The cameraman who recorded this incident asked the woman why this woman asked for food supplies which is actually just a rice box which the price is only US$ 1. She said that she was jealous of other neighbors who got rice boxes.

“Aren’t you impacted by the fire?” asked the cameraman and she said no, she is okay, her home too. Her attitude then triggers mass criticism of her attitude.

This is an example of poor mentality in Indonesia, and it does not happen only in rice box matters.

Several years ago, people near the oil depot Plumpang has been asked to leave since they have no permit to live there. The area near Plumpang is a buffer zone and dangerous. No one used to live there because it used to be a swamp. However, no one knows how, one by one moves there and started housing near Oil Depot Plumpang. People started swarming that dangerous zone.

In 2020, the Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, was aware that they are illegal but still gave them a permit to live there even though it is not a permanent permit so they can live there for the next 3 years.

Before the 3 years are done, the Oil Depot caught on fire and killed 18 people.

Now, the residents near Oil Depot Plumpang asked for the Oil Depot to be moved which can cost around 300 US$! The national oil company, Pertamina, would have the money but there is no guarantee that it won’t make the financial situation of Pertamina itself hard. The secretary of maritime and investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, has mentioned that the illegal residents should move, not the oil depot.

Whatever happened next, the decision will only ensure after the 2024 election. Until then, the people of Tanah Merah near Depot Plumpang put their life at stake if they are still insisting to live there.

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